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To err is human, and this website has gotten so complex thatseems to me (BMcC[18-11-46-503]) highly unlikely I haven't messed up some stuff in it, especially by 𝄆my very efforts to keep everything straight𝄇.

2022-06-25 03:26:31   (Tree/T)

100W(2) =>
4109, 515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, HanoverAve, NorthlandRoad, OnCitation, welcome
1983(65) =>
BRADFORD, IBM, OnCitation, Petty, PhilCris, THINK, welcome
4109(2) =>
100W, 515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, HanoverAve, NorthlandRoad, OnCitation, welcome
515(2) =>
100W, 4109, EndOfEarth, HanoverAve, NorthlandRoad, OnCitation, Rubbish, Suburbia, welcome
7027 =>
BRADFORD, Patek, welcome
703 =>
515, BRADFORD, Broch, welcome
ADLB(22) =>
ADLB, ADLB_doc, AntiAnti, Apparatchik, BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Evil, False, GayPride, HeilHitler, Huang, Hungary, OnCitation, Petty, Prag, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, Shrinks, TheActivist, WageSlavery, Waste, welcome, WhiteTrash
ADLB_doc(4) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Hungary, welcome
Aletheia(1) =>
BRADFORD, CirceEtCie, EsGibt, Glossary, Huang, MotherBitch, Mullah, NA, PsychicDeadness, TwoPaths, WageSlavery, welcome
Alice(3) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, pater, Personal, Petty, PsychicDeadness, PxCx, Rubbish, welcome
Alienation =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Flying, Godot, NoliMeTangere, Petty, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset, Suburbia, TheLifeOfTheMind, THINK, welcome
alt-Plato =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Rubbish, welcome
Americanism(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Patriotism, TheLastHero, Ukraine, welcome
Animals =>
Cats, EndOfEarth, welcome
AntiAnti =>
Darkness, EndOfEarth, JustSo, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, welcome
Apparatchik(2) =>
EndOfEarth, OnCitation, pater, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, welcome
APtS(3) =>
ADLB, Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Good, Hegel, OnCitation, pater, WageSlavery, welcome
Arch(15) =>
AS, Atget, Circ, EndOfEarth, MArch, Myths, OnCitation, OODA, OrnamentAndCrime, Potemkin, Spirit, Venturi, welcome
Archimedes =>
EndOfEarth, Hegel, Mullah, Perspective, welcome
AS(4) =>
AS, BLM, BRADFORD, IBM, Maggot, OnCitation, OODA, passum_sub_iugum, Rubbish, welcome
Atget =>
APtS, BRADFORD, Broch, Mullah, welcome
B2 =>
515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Inane, Stigmata, welcome
BarbedWire(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Grassroot, Luxe, OnCitation, TwoPaths, WageSlavery, welcome, Western_Front
Begin(1) =>
BRADFORD, Circle, Fortuna, Incipit, Spirit, Truman, welcome
Biden(3) =>
EndOfEarth, InFesta, OnCitation, THINK, welcome
BLM =>
ADLB, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Hungary, MotherBitch, Mullah, PhilCris, Rubbish, THINK, Truman, welcome
Blonville =>
Broch, welcome
BMWK(6) =>
BRADFORD, OnCitation, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, welcome
BNY =>
BRADFORD, Petty, welcome, Wo
BooHoo(2) =>
EndOfEarth, JudasGoats, OnCitation, Patriotism, Sentimentality, welcome
Book09(6) =>
alt-Plato, BRADFORD, Darkness, OnCitation, PhilCris, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, TDSBR, Venturi, Waste, welcome
Bottom(4) =>
BRADFORD, Cher, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Grading, IBM, ML, OnCitation, Petty, Remember, Scat, welcome
Box(14) =>
BRADFORD, D3, Glossary, IBM, OnCitation, Patriotism, Puns, Spirit, StarAndBars, welcome, WoZu_X
ADLB, Alice, B2, BarbedWire, Book09, Cats, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Godot, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Personal, Petty, Rubbish, Vermin, welcome, Wo
Broch(5) =>
Atget, Blonville, Box, BRADFORD, Fortuna, LaNotte, MArch, OnCitation, Personal, Rubbish, Sword, welcome
Bullets =>
BRADFORD, C19C, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Grist, Incipit, NoliMeTangere, Petty, Scat, TheNet, WageSlavery, Waste, welcome
Bully(2) =>
EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Petty, Vermin, welcome
C19C(21) =>
515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Mullah, OnCitation, ScumAndSuds, Waste, welcome
C19Y21S1 =>
C2(4) =>
BRADFORD, Modern, Patriotism, Puns, TwoC, welcome
Cannibalism =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, IBM, MotherBitch, Rubbish, welcome
Capitalism(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, isms, OnCitation, pater, welcome
Cats(4) =>
Animals, BRADFORD, Glossary, IBM, KillingTheCats, MisuEyes, OnCitation, Scat, Spirit, WageSlavery, welcome
CCC(4) =>
Alice, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, Cats, EndOfEarth, JSource, MArch, ML, NaiveArt, OnCitation, Petty, PxCx, Vermin, welcome
ChangeLog =>
ADLB, alt-Plato, Biden, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, IAmSoDiscouraged, Influencer, Manet, Me1, Monumentality, Noise, NYNYT, OhNo, Stigmata, TheActivist, Uncartoons, WCF, welcome, WhiteTrash, Whopper, Z, Zelensky
ChangeLog2 =>
EndOfEarth, welcome
Cher(4) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Fopland, Glossary, Huang, OnCitation, Ping, Suburbia, welcome, WhiteTrash
ChildAbuse =>
BRADFORD, Rubbish, Scat, welcome
Circ(8) =>
BRADFORD, C19C, EndOfEarth, IHaveADream, Mullah, Myths, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Prag, Rubbish, WageSlavery, welcome, Wo
CirceEtCie =>
Fortuna, Glossary, LHOOQ, MotherBitch, NaiveArt, Rubbish, Suburbia, welcome
Circle(2) =>
BRADFORD, LespritDeLescalier, OnCitation, TwoPaths, welcome
Cloaca =>
BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Fopland, Huang, MotherBitch, NaiveArt, Rubbish, welcome
Communication =>
BRADFORD, Forsdale, welcome
Covid-19(4) =>
Cats, EndOfEarth, Incipit, OnCitation, Personal, welcome
D3(2) =>
BRADFORD, IBM, OnCitation, WageSlavery, welcome
Darkness(13) =>
ADLB, AntiAnti, Apparatchik, Book09, BRADFORD, ChildAbuse, Existentialism, False, GayPride, HeilHitler, Hungary, Individuality, OnCitation, Perspective, PhilCris, Ping, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, SplitFaceMonk, THINK, welcome, WorkBook
Dashboard =>
ChangeLog, EndOfEarth, Experiment, Greek, Images, IndexOfSubjects, Maximums, My_canon, NoliMeTangere, OODA, Petty, Philosophy, Puns, Rubbish, Tree, welcome, WhatIf
DeadMaterial(4) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Myths, OnCitation, Rubbish, welcome, WoZu_X
DeJoyless =>
DeJoyless2, EndOfEarth, welcome
DeJoyless2 =>
BRADFORD, DeJoyless, EndOfEarth, Rubbish, welcome
Democracy =>
BRADFORD, welcome, WhiteTrash
DirectingDesire(18) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Lux, MArch, OnCitation, pater, Scripta, wedded, welcome, WhiteTrash
DissertDESC1(2) =>
BRADFORD, DissertDESC2, DissertEX1, OnCitation, welcome
DissertDESC2(6) =>
BRADFORD, DissertDESC3, DissertEX1, OnCitation, welcome
DissertDESC3(6) =>
BRADFORD, OnCitation, welcome
DissertEND(27) =>
Arch, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, DissertSTART, Ethnicity, Huang, IBM, Incipit, MotherBitch, Mullah, OnCitation, Personal, Petty, PsychOffice, Stall, Testing, welcome
DissertEX1(8) =>
BRADFORD, OnCitation, welcome
DissertSTART(4) =>
BRADFORD, DissertEND, DissertTHEORY, OnCitation, Time, welcome
DissertTHEORY(18) =>
BRADFORD, DissertTHEORY, DissertTHEORY2, OnCitation, welcome
DissertTHEORY2(2) =>
BRADFORD, DissertTHEORY3, OnCitation, welcome
DissertTHEORY3(12) =>
BRADFORD, Circ, DissertDESC1, OnCitation, Truman, welcome
Education =>
1983, BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Godot, IBM, Petty, StarAndBars, TeachingMoments, TheActivist, THINK, welcome
Ele(8) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Forsdale, OnCitation, Petty, Ping, Puns, RottenChicken, Rubbish, Suburbia, welcome
EndOfEarth(6) =>
Begin, BRADFORD, CCC, Circ, Cloaca, index, InFesta, ML, OnCitation, Passum, Patriotism, Petty, Rubbish, Sleeper_awake!, StP, TheSilentWoman, Waldo, welcome
EndOfTunnel(2) =>
BRADFORD, OnCitation, Ping, welcome
EsGibt =>
BRADFORD, ManAndGod, welcome
Ethnicity(25) =>
515, ADLB, Arch, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Glossary, Hollerith, IBM, Incipit, KillingTheCats, Mannerism, MArch, Misc, NeverAgain, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Petty, Prayer, PxCx, Realites, THINK, Waste, welcome
Everyman(6) =>
Bottom, Broch, EndOfEarth, Fortuna, Glossary, Huang, IBM, Innocence, JustSo, LaNotte, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Vermin, welcome, WhatIf
Evil(9) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Flying, Huang, JustSo, LifeLite, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, Scheissestuckwelt, Shrinks, Spirit, WageSlavery, welcome, Wo
Existentialism =>
BRADFORD, Cats, Circ, Darkness, EndOfEarth, welcome
Experiment =>
BarbedWire, BRADFORD, Dashboard, EndOfEarth, Freud, Huang, Images, IndexOfSubjects, Innocence, LHOOQ, Petty, PsychicDeadness, RCC, Remember, Scat, Venturi, Waldo, welcome, Wo, WorkBook
Failure =>
BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Huang, Judgment, Personal, welcome
False(4) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Circ, Darkness, EndOfEarth, HeilHitler, Huang, Hungary, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Remember, Rubbish, SplitFaceMonk, welcome
Fink(2) =>
BRADFORD, C19C, DissertSTART, EndOfEarth, Humor, IBM, OnCitation, Perspective, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, THINK, welcome
Florida =>
EndOfEarth, Suburbia, welcome
FLW =>
BRADFORD, Fortuna, Petty, Respect, welcome
Flying =>
EndOfEarth, Evil, JustSo, Rubbish, Suburbia, welcome
Fopland(3) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Cher, EndOfEarth, IBM, OnCitation, Rubbish, Suburbia, TheActivist, welcome
Forsdale(8) =>
BRADFORD, Communication, Grading, IBM, JohnWild, NaiveArt, OnCitation, Petty, Remember, Sleeper_awake!, Testing, Truman, WageSlavery, welcome
Fortuna =>
BRADFORD, Broch, Everyman, StarAndBars, welcome
Freud(2) =>
BRADFORD, NoliMeTangere, Prag, PsychOffice, welcome
GayPride =>
EndOfEarth, Glossary, PsychicDeadness, welcome
Glossary(38) =>
1983, ADLB, Biden, BLM, Book09, BRADFORD, CCC, Circ, CirceEtCie, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Grading, Huang, IBM, IndexOfSubjects, Khan, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Petty, Prag, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, THINK, Waste, welcome, WhiteTrash, Zelensky
GO-power(2) =>
Petty, Ping, Rubbish, welcome
Godot =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Glossary, PsychicDeadness, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, welcome, WorkBook
Goedicke(2) =>
BarbedWire, BRADFORD, Grading, Petty, Prayer, Waste, welcome, WoZu_X
Good(24) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Cats, isms, Lux, ML, OnCitation, Spirit, StDenis, WageSlavery, welcome, WoZu_X
GottMitUns(5) =>
BooHoo, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Patriotism, QuoteCloset, welcome
Grading(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Huang, OnCitation, Patriotism, Petty, Prag, Puzzles, Rubbish, Scripta, Testing, welcome
Grassroot =>
BarbedWire, BRADFORD, GottMitUns, Grassroot, MoreAboutWar, ShortStory, welcome
Greek(6) =>
Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Evil, Glossary, IBM, OnCitation, StP, TheSilentWoman, Waldo, welcome
Grist =>
BRADFORD, Bullets, Innocence, welcome
Grumble(13) =>
515, ADLB, BRADFORD, Ele, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Fortuna, IBM, JustSo, ML, OnCitation, Puns, Rubbish, Stall, welcome, Wo
Hagiography =>
EndOfEarth, Fopland, Fortuna, Glossary, HeilHitler, ShortStory, Telos, THINK, welcome
HanoverAve(2) =>
100W, 4109, 515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, NorthlandRoad, ObjectPresenting, OnCitation, welcome
Hegel(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Hollerith, OnCitation, OODA, Petty, welcome
HeilHitler =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, DissertDESC3, EndOfEarth, Glossary, MotherBitch, TheActivist, welcome
Hollerith(4) =>
Hospital =>
Biden, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, JustSo, NoBigDeal, welcome
Huang(120) =>
515, Alice, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Grading, IBM, Imagine, InFesta, MotherBitch, Mount_Clare, Nakedness, OnCitation, Patriotism, Petty, Philosophy, PrepForWhat, Suburbia, TheWinner, THINK, WageSlavery, welcome, WoZu_X
Humor(6) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, InFesta, OnCitation, Puns, QuoteCloset, welcome
Hungary =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Huang, Ping, Rubbish, THINK, welcome
IAmSoDiscouraged =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Godot, Noise, pater, Petty, Prayer, welcome, Zelensky
IBM =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Hollerith, Rubbish, THINK, welcome
Identity =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Monumentality, Noise, TheActivist, welcome
IHaveADream =>
Circ, EndOfEarth, welcome
Imagery(4) =>
BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Images, OnCitation, PC, Petty, Scripta, WageSlavery, welcome
Images(2) =>
Book09, BRADFORD, Dashboard, Imagery, IndexOfSubjects, OnCitation, Tree, welcome
Imagine(4) =>
APtS, BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, IBM, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Petty, Vermin, welcome, Wo
Inane(4) =>
515, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Prag, PsychicDeadness, Remember, Scat, Scripta, Suburbia, Testing, Vermin, welcome, Wo
Incipit(11) =>
BRADFORD, Cats, Hungary, OnCitation, Remember, StarAndBars, TheNet, welcome
index(18) =>
BRADFORD, Broch, DissertEND, Fortuna, Glossary, Huang, IBM, Incipit, JSource, MotherBitch, Myths, OnCitation, PhilCris, Puns, THINK, welcome
IndexOfSubjects =>
Individuality =>
ADLB, BLM, EndOfEarth, welcome
InFesta(12) =>
APtS, EndOfEarth, Good, Huang, LHOOQ, OnCitation, Play, Puns, RCC, Rubbish, Thanks, WageSlavery, welcome
Influencer =>
EndOfEarth, welcome
Innocence(2) =>
BRADFORD, Cher, Circ, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Glossary, Incipit, Mannerism, Petty, Ping, Waste, welcome, Wo
IntotheLight =>
BRADFORD, EndOfTunnel, welcome
isms(19) =>
ADLB, AS, BRADFORD, Cher, EndOfEarth, IBM, OnCitation, pater, Patriotism, Prag, Rubbish, Waste, welcome
Job =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, InFesta, Myths, Prag, welcome
JohnWild =>
BRADFORD, Cats, Existentialism, Forsdale, Shoulders, Thanks, TwoPaths, welcome
JSource(48) =>
BRADFORD, Meta, OnCitation, welcome
JudasGoats(2) =>
Grassroot, OnCitation, Patriotism, welcome
Judgment(6) =>
BRADFORD, C2, Cats, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Incipit, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, Waldo, welcome
JustSo(12) =>
BRADFORD, Circ, Ele, EndOfEarth, Everyman, Flying, Humor, IBM, MovableType, OnCitation, Patriotism, PsychicDeadness, Puns, Rubbish, Stall, welcome
Khan(4) =>
BRADFORD, Glossary, JustSo, Rubbish, Tired, welcome
KillingTheCats(26) =>
BRADFORD, Cats, OnCitation, Scat, welcome, WU_KillingTheCats
LaNotte(6) =>
Broch, MArch, OnCitation, welcome
LespritDeLescalier(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, Rubbish, THINK, Typos, welcome
LetsTalk(2) =>
Arch, Book09, Broch, Cats, Fink, Forsdale, Glossary, Huang, JohnWild, Khan, OnCitation, Passum, PhilCris, Rape, THINK, TwoPaths, welcome
CirceEtCie, EndOfEarth, Huang, InFesta, Thanks, WageSlavery, welcome
LifeLite =>
Evil, QuoteCloset, WageSlavery, welcome
Lists(17) =>
ADLB, Book09, BRADFORD, Circ, Ele, Ethnicity, Glossary, Hegel, Huang, IBM, Incipit, JSource, JustSo, MArch, Maximums, Music, My_canon, OnCitation, Passum, Ping, Puns, QuoteCloset, Realites, Spirit, Stall, Suburbia, Thanks, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, THINK, welcome
Live =>
BRADFORD, Stall, welcome
Lux =>
EndOfEarth, welcome
Luxe(4) =>
Atget, BRADFORD, CCC, Cher, EndOfEarth, NaiveArt, OnCitation, Realites, Vermin, WageSlavery, Waste, welcome
Maggot =>
AS, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Forsdale, IBM, Rubbish, Ukraine, Vermin, welcome
ManAndGod =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Ping, THINK, Truman, welcome
Manet =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, MotherBitch, welcome
Mannerism(6) =>
BRADFORD, CCC, Cher, EndOfEarth, Everyman, MArch, OnCitation, Petty, Potemkin, Truman, welcome
MArch(18) =>
1983, 515, Arch, BRADFORD, Broch, IBM, OnCitation, Potemkin, Prag, PsychOffice, THINK, welcome
Maxims(48) =>
ADLB, Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, IBM, JustSo, Lists, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Puns, QuoteCloset, welcome
Maximums(4) =>
Book09, BRADFORD, Huang, Maxims, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Patriotism, Petty, QuoteCloset, Waste, welcome
Me(6) =>
515, BRADFORD, Huang, Nakedness, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, THINK, welcome
Me1(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Me, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, welcome
Meta(13) =>
BRADFORD, C19C, Grading, Huang, IBM, JSource, OnCitation, THINK, welcome, WWIIM
Mini =>
Circ, EndOfEarth, UI, welcome
Misc(44) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, CCC, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Grist, IBM, Incipit, Mount_Clare, Nothing, OnCitation, Personal, Petty, Rubbish, StarAndBars, WageSlavery, welcome
MissedChances =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, IBM, MotherBitch, welcome
MisuEyes(1) =>
BRADFORD, Cats, Spirit, welcome
ML(9) =>
BMWK, BRADFORD, Cats, EndOfEarth, IBM, Lists, MArch, OnCitation, PxCx, welcome, Wo
Modern =>
BRADFORD, IBM, Puns, StarAndBars, THINK, welcome
Monumentality(2) =>
EndOfEarth, ShortStory, TooMuch, welcome
MoreAboutWar =>
BarbedWire, EndOfEarth, Grassroot, welcome
MotherBitch(4) =>
Alice, BRADFORD, Broch, Capitalism, Cats, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, IBM, Me1, NoBigDeal, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, pater, Patriotism, Petty, Prag, Rubbish, Ruckwarts, Suburbia, welcome, Wo
Mount_Clare =>
BRADFORD, Huang, Misc, PxCx, welcome
MovableType(4) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, JustSo, OnCitation, welcome
Mullah(8) =>
515, ADLB, Arch, Atget, BRADFORD, C19C, Circ, DissertEND, EndOfEarth, Forsdale, Hegel, Hollerith, Huang, MotherBitch, Myths, OnCitation, Petty, PhilCris, PsychicDeadness, PxCx, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, SplitFaceMonk, StarAndBars, welcome
Music(13) =>
515, BRADFORD, Cats, Everyman, Forsdale, Glossary, GottMitUns, Huang, Influencer, JustSo, Lists, Maxims, My_canon, OnCitation, PopeFrancisPlaylist, Prejudices, Puns, welcome
My_canon(2) =>
Arch, AS, Book09, BRADFORD, Glossary, IBM, KillingTheCats, Mannerism, OnCitation, Reading, Stall, Thanks, WageSlavery, Waldo, welcome
MyFlesh =>
BRADFORD, Circ, Nothing, Petty, welcome
Myths(10) =>
Arch, BRADFORD, Cats, Cher, Circ, CirceEtCie, DeadMaterial, Ele, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Glossary, Incipit, JustSo, Lux, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, Spirit, WageSlavery, welcome, XDec
NA =>
BRADFORD, Glossary, NoBigDeal, welcome
NaiveArt(7) =>
BRADFORD, CCC, Cher, CirceEtCie, EndOfEarth, Mannerism, OhNo, OnCitation, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, welcome
Nakedness =>
515, BRADFORD, Glossary, Huang, MotherBitch, PsychicDeadness, WageSlavery, welcome
NatServ =>
EndOfEarth, Huang, welcome
NeverAgain(6) =>
515, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Grading, Lists, Rubbish, welcome
NoBigDeal(4) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, IBM, MissedChances, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, pater, Petty, Prag, PsychicDeadness, Suburbia, TakeItLikeA, WageSlavery, welcome, Wo, XDec
Noise =>
Huang, Waldo, welcome
NoliMeTangere(2) =>
BRADFORD, Broch, Huang, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Stigmata, welcome, Wo
NorthlandRoad =>
100W, 4109, 515, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Everyman, HanoverAve, MotherBitch, Stigmata, THINK, welcome
Nothing(3) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Forsdale, IBM, JSource, Misc, OnCitation, Rubbish, Shoulders, welcome
BRADFORD, Puzzles, WageSlavery, welcome
NYNYT(4) =>
ADLB, Alice, Americanism, APtS, Biden, Book09, BRADFORD, Capitalism, Cats, Darkness, False, Good, Huang, IAmSoDiscouraged, IndexOfSubjects, JudasGoats, Me, Mullah, NYNYT, OnCitation, PK, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset, ShortStory, Suburbia, Ukraine, Waldo, welcome, WhiteTrash, XDec, Zelensky
ObjectPresenting =>
Aletheia, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, HanoverAve, Huang, MotherBitch, Petty, TakeItLikeA, welcome
ObjektiveGeist =>
BRADFORD, Myths, welcome
OdileCat =>
BRADFORD, CCC, OdileHouse, welcome
OdileHouse =>
BRADFORD, OdileCat, welcome
OhNo(2) =>
Biden, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Fortuna, Glossary, IBM, NaiveArt, OnCitation, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, welcome, Zelensky
Omelet =>
BRADFORD, Cats, EndOfEarth, welcome
OnCitation =>
BRADFORD, Fortuna, welcome
OODA(6) =>
Arch, BRADFORD, Hegel, OnCitation, Petty, Prag, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, StarAndBars, Truman, welcome, WhiteTrash
OrnamentAndCrime =>
1983, BRADFORD, Mannerism, Ping, Waste, welcome
Passum(6) =>
BarbedWire, Cats, EndOfEarth, Glossary, IBM, Meta, OnCitation, pater, Petty, Reading, Rubbish, Spirit, StarAndBars, TDSBR, TheNet, THINK, WageSlavery, welcome
passum_sub_iugum(2) =>
EndOfEarth, OnCitation, PsychicDeadness, Suburbia, welcome
Patek(9) =>
7027, Box, BRADFORD, D3, Glossary, OnCitation, welcome, Yakuza
pater(2) =>
Cher, IBM, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Ping, Spirit, StarAndBars, welcome
Patriotism(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Grassroot, IBM, Incipit, JudasGoats, OnCitation, Rubbish, welcome
PC(22) =>
Cats, IBM, Myths, PsychOffice, Waste, welcome
Personal(24) =>
ADLB, Alice, BRADFORD, Cats, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Huang, IBM, Lists, Lux, OnCitation, Prag, Prayer, Rubbish, Scripta, StarAndBars, Sword, WageSlavery, Waste, wedded, welcome, Wo
Perspective =>
ADLB, Darkness, Mullah, welcome
Petty(16) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Bully, Circ, Darkness, Ele, EndOfEarth, Evil, GO-power, Misc, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, OODA, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, Stall, StarAndBars, TheSilentWoman, Waldo, welcome, Wo
PhilCris(122) =>
BRADFORD, Darkness, OnCitation, welcome
PhilosoBabble =>
BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Myths, Ping, PsychicDeadness, THINK, welcome, WorkBook
Philosophy(10) =>
515, Alienation, alt-Plato, Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Huang, IBM, JustSo, LaNotte, MotherBitch, Noise, OnCitation, Petty, PhilosoBabble, Ping, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset, Rubbish, Sleeper_awake!, THINK, TwoPaths, Waste, welcome, WoZu_X, XDec
Ping(2) =>
EndOfEarth, isms, OnCitation, Puns, PxCx, Rubbish, SplitFaceMonk, Waste, welcome, WhiteTrash
PK(12) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, InFesta, JustSo, Myths, OnCitation, PK, Stall, WageSlavery, welcome
Play =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, IBM, InFesta, NoBigDeal, Play2, Scat, StarAndBars, welcome
Play2 =>
AS, BRADFORD, Cats, Fortuna, Glossary, Huang, IBM, LHOOQ, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, pater, Petty, Play3, PsychicDeadness, WageSlavery, welcome
Play3(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Fortuna, Huang, OnCitation, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, welcome
PopeFrancisPlaylist =>
BRADFORD, Music, welcome
Potemkin(8) =>
Arch, BRADFORD, Cher, EndOfEarth, Mannerism, MArch, pater, Pugin, Truman, welcome, WhiteTrash
Prag(2) =>
Box, BRADFORD, Huang, ML, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, Ruckwarts, Stall, TheLifeOfTheMind, welcome, Wo
Prayer(8) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Hollerith, Mullah, Myths, Noise, OnCitation, Puzzles, Rubbish, WageSlavery, welcome
Prejudices =>
AS, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, C19C, Cher, Circ, EndOfEarth, Huang, MotherBitch, Petty, Suburbia, welcome
PrepForWhat(8) =>
BRADFORD, ChildAbuse, Glossary, Huang, IBM, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Remember, Rubbish, StP, Suburbia, THINK, welcome
Proof =>
alt-Plato, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Tired, welcome
PsychicDeadness(4) =>
Aletheia, AS, BRADFORD, Circle, EndOfEarth, Evil, Glossary, Huang, Judgment, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Patriotism, Petty, Ping, Rubbish, StP, Suburbia, TheBarrier, THINK, WageSlavery, welcome
PsychOffice =>
1983, BRADFORD, DissertEND, Freud, IBM, MArch, ML, PC, Shrinks, welcome
Pugin =>
BRADFORD, Potemkin, welcome, Wo
Puns(93) =>
ADLB, Apparatchik, BRADFORD, Circ, Darkness, DeJoyless, Ele, Ethnicity, Glossary, Grumble, Humor, IBM, JustSo, Lists, Maximums, MovableType, Myths, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Ping, Potemkin, Prag, PsychicDeadness, Puzzles, Rubbish, Stall, TheSilentWoman, Uncartoons, WageSlavery, Waste, welcome, Whopper, XDec
Puzzles(2) =>
BRADFORD, Cats, Grading, IBM, ML, OnCitation, Spirit, Testing, WageSlavery, welcome
PxCx(2) =>
C19C, CCC, Ethnicity, Glossary, Hollerith, Huang, LHOOQ, NaiveArt, OnCitation, Prag, TheActivist, THINK, welcome
QuoteCloset(6) =>
ADLB, Aletheia, Book09, BRADFORD, Circ, DissertEND, DissertSTART, DissertTHEORY, Ethnicity, Huang, Maximums, OnCitation, Passum, Petty, Rubbish, Spirit, TheActivist, Tired, WageSlavery, welcome, WorkBook
Rape =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, OrnamentAndCrime, Petty, Ping, welcome
RCC(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, OnCitation, PxCx, WageSlavery, Waste, welcome
Reading(12) =>
Book09, IBM, OnCitation, Personal, Spirit, welcome
Realites(4) =>
BRADFORD, IBM, Luxe, Misc, MisuEyes, OnCitation, Testing, welcome
Realpolitik =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, welcome
Remember =>
Alice, BRADFORD, Hollerith, Incipit, welcome, Western_Front
Respect(3) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, FLW, Glossary, THINK, welcome
RottenChicken =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, MotherBitch, Prejudices, StP, Suburbia, welcome
RTree(n/a) =>
Rubbish =>
Broch, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Humor, Judgment, Patriotism, Petty, Venturi, welcome
Ruckwarts(1) =>
BRADFORD, Huang, MotherBitch, Prag, Spirit, welcome, Wo
SaulOfTarsus =>
BRADFORD, Petty, welcome
Scat(8) =>
Cats, JohnWild, JustSo, OnCitation, Patriotism, Rubbish, welcome
Scheissestuckwelt(4) =>
1983, BRADFORD, Darkness, Glossary, OnCitation, TheActivist, THINK, Venturi, welcome, WoZu_X
Scripta(14) =>
1983, IBM, Inane, Nakedness, OnCitation, Petty, welcome
ScumAndSuds =>
BRADFORD, C19C, EndOfEarth, Flying, Glossary, Noise, Petty, PsychicDeadness, welcome
Sentimentality(2) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Petty, Rubbish, WageSlavery, welcome
ShortStory(2) =>
Grassroot, OnCitation, TheWinner, welcome
Shoulders(4) =>
515, Alice, BRADFORD, CCC, Circ, FLW, Glossary, IBM, Misc, OnCitation, Petty, Ping, PsychOffice, welcome
Shrinks =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Forsdale, Freud, IBM, Khan, Lists, MotherBitch, NoliMeTangere, Petty, Prag, Venturi, Waldo, welcome
Sigma(2) =>
IBM, Incipit, JustSo, Passum, Personal, Spirit, WageSlavery, welcome
Sleeper_awake!(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Forsdale, IBM, Incipit, OnCitation, Philosophy, welcome
Spirit(6) =>
515, Arch, BRADFORD, Cher, Incipit, Lux, MisuEyes, Myths, OnCitation, Patek, Personal, StarAndBars, welcome
SplitFaceMonk =>
C19C, EndOfEarth, Ping, Rubbish, welcome
Stall(6) =>
AS, BRADFORD, Cloaca, Grumble, IBM, JustSo, Live, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Puns, welcome, WorkBook
StarAndBars =>
Shoulders, welcome
StDenis =>
BRADFORD, Good, Manet, welcome
Stigmata(2) =>
BRADFORD, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, TeachingMoments, welcome
StopWatchGo =>
BRADFORD, Waste, welcome
StP =>
BRADFORD, Prag, StP2, welcome
StP2 =>
BRADFORD, Huang, Prag, welcome
Suburbia(6) =>
515, Evil, Florida, Flying, Inane, OnCitation, Patriotism, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, Suburbia2, Testing, TooMuch, welcome, WhiteTrash
Suburbia2 =>
BRADFORD, Suburbia, welcome
Surrealism =>
EndOfEarth, welcome
Sword =>
Personal, welcome
TaBoos =>
ADLB, EndOfEarth, Hegel, Huang, JustSo, Rubbish, WageSlavery, welcome
TakeItLikeA(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Glossary, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, PsychicDeadness, welcome
TDSBR(2) =>
Book09, BRADFORD, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, welcome
TeachingMoments =>
BRADFORD, Education, MotherBitch, Prag, PsychicDeadness, Stigmata, welcome
Telos =>
BRADFORD, Circ, Glossary, Huang, THINK, welcome
Testing =>
Forsdale, Glossary, Grading, Hollerith, Huang, Patriotism, Petty, Puzzles, Rubbish, WageSlavery, welcome
Thanks(6) =>
Book09, BRADFORD, InFesta, OnCitation, Play, welcome
TheActivist =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Darkness, HeilHitler, Hungary, PhilCris, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, welcome
TheBarrier(6) =>
BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, Flying, OnCitation, QuoteCloset, TheWinner, welcome, Wo
TheLastHero(2) =>
BRADFORD, Grassroot, OnCitation, welcome
TheLifeOfTheMind =>
Alienation, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Prag, THINK, welcome
TheNet(2) =>
BRADFORD, Bullets, Incipit, InFesta, OnCitation, Spirit, StarAndBars, WageSlavery, welcome
TheSilentWoman(4) =>
EndOfEarth, Hungary, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Puns, welcome
TheSocietyOfTheUnheard(39) =>
ADLB, Archimedes, Book09, BRADFORD, DeJoyless, DeJoyless2, Grassroot, IBM, Modern, OnCitation, PhilCris, Ping, PsychOffice, Suburbia, welcome
TheWinner =>
EndOfEarth, Patriotism, ShortStory, welcome
BRADFORD, Glossary, IBM, LifeLite, Petty, PsychicDeadness, welcome
Time(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Glossary, IBM, Lists, OnCitation, welcome, Wo
Tired(8) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Circ, EndOfEarth, Evil, Glossary, Huang, JustSo, Khan, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Ping, Prag, Rubbish, StP, Waste, welcome
TooMuch(4) =>
BRADFORD, OnCitation, TheWinner, welcome
Tree(n/a) =>
Truman =>
BRADFORD, Circ, Khan, ManAndGod, Petty, QuoteCloset, welcome
TwoC(8) =>
C2, Cats, OnCitation, welcome
TwoPaths(3) =>
BRADFORD, Circle, EndOfEarth, Fortuna, Glossary, Incipit, Judgment, Myths, OnCitation, OODA, Patriotism, Rubbish, THINK, Truman, Waldo, welcome
Typos =>
Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, TheActivist, welcome
UI =>
EndOfEarth, Glossary, welcome
Ukraine(2) =>
EndOfEarth, Grassroot, Maggot, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Patriotism, ShortStory, THINK, Ukraine2, welcome, Zelensky
Ukraine2(8) =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Ukraine, welcome, Zelensky
Ukraine3 =>
BRADFORD, welcome, Zelensky
Uncartoons(2) =>
Biden, BNY, EndOfEarth, ML, Noise, OnCitation, QuoteCloset, welcome, Zelensky
Unconcealment =>
BRADFORD, PsychicDeadness, welcome
Unhurried(4) =>
BRADFORD, Evil, OnCitation, Petty, Rubbish, welcome, WoZu_X
Vannaty =>
1983, EndOfEarth, Rubbish, Venturi, welcome
Venturi(2) =>
1983, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, Scheissestuckwelt, Vannaty, welcome
Vermin(9) =>
4109, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Grumble, Huang, IAmSoDiscouraged, IBM, MotherBitch, OnCitation, Petty, PsychicDeadness, Rubbish, TheActivist, Waste, welcome, Zelensky
VirtualReality =>
BRADFORD, QuoteCloset, welcome
WageSlavery(21) =>
AS, Cats, EndOfEarth, Glossary, IBM, LHOOQ, My_canon, Myths, OnCitation, Petty, Rubbish, TaBoos, TheNet, TheSilentWoman, WageSlavery, welcome
Waldo(2) =>
ADLB, AS, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Hegel, Noise, OnCitation, Petty, Truman, welcome
Warnings(12) =>
BRADFORD, Cannibalism, Circ, DirectingDesire, Ethnicity, PxCx, welcome
Waste(10) =>
ADLB, Alice, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Ethnicity, Incipit, InFesta, Misc, Mullah, OnCitation, Petty, Philosophy, Rubbish, TwoPaths, welcome, WoZu_X
WCF(5) =>
EndOfEarth, OnCitation, welcome, WhiteTrash
wedded =>
BRADFORD, DirectingDesire, Personal, welcome
welcome(28) =>
1983, ADLB, Alice, Alienation, alt-Plato, Americanism, BarbedWire, Begin, Biden, BLM, Box, BRADFORD, Broch, C19C, Cannibalism, Cats, ChangeLog, Circ, Circle, Covid-19, Darkness, DirectingDesire, DissertEND, Education, Ele, Ethnicity, Everyman, Evil, Failure, False, Fink, Glossary, Goedicke, Good, GottMitUns, Grading, Grassroot, Hagiography, Hegel, Hollerith, Hospital, Huang, Hungary, Identity, IHaveADream, Images, Imagine, Incipit, index, IndexOfSubjects, JohnWild, Judgment, JustSo, Khan, KillingTheCats, LetsTalk, LifeLite, Lists, Luxe, MArch, Me1, Mini, Modern, MotherBitch, Mullah, Myths, NA, NaiveArt, NoBigDeal, NYNYT, ObjectPresenting, OdileCat, OnCitation, Passum, Patek, pater, Personal, Petty, PhilCris, Ping, PK, Play, Prag, Prayer, PrepForWhat, Proof, PsychicDeadness, Puns, PxCx, QuoteCloset, Remember, Rubbish, Scat, Scheissestuckwelt, Scripta, ShortStory, Shoulders, Shrinks, Sigma, Spirit, Stall, StarAndBars, StP, Suburbia, TeachingMoments, Testing, Thanks, TheActivist, TheNet, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, THINK, Tree, Unhurried, Venturi, VirtualReality, WageSlavery, Waldo, Warnings, Waste, WCF, WhomIWouldLikeToBe, Why, Wiki, Wo, Zelensky
Western_Front(2) =>
BarbedWire, EndOfEarth, Remember, welcome
WhatIf =>
BRADFORD, LaNotte, welcome
WhiteTrash(21) =>
515, ADLB, BRADFORD, DeJoyless, Democracy, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Hegel, Huang, IBM, JudasGoats, MotherBitch, NoBigDeal, OnCitation, Patriotism, Ping, Rubbish, Scripta, StopWatchGo, Vermin, WCF, welcome, Zelensky
WhomIWouldLikeToBe =>
BRADFORD, Cats, EndOfEarth, Glossary, Good, Grading, WageSlavery, welcome
Whopper =>
BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, Huang, Patriotism, Puns, Rubbish, welcome
Why =>
EndOfEarth, Grassroot, ShortStory, welcome
Wiki =>
Book09, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, JSource, Meta, Petty, THINK, welcome
Wo(6) =>
Alice, BarbedWire, BRADFORD, EndOfEarth, IBM, MArch, NoliMeTangere, Petty, Rubbish, Scat, welcome, WoZu_X
WorkBook(4) =>
515, ADLB, Alice, BLM, Book09, BRADFORD, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Evil, Fortuna, Glossary, Godot, HanoverAve, Huang, JudasGoats, Judgment, MotherBitch, Mullah, OnCitation, pater, Perspective, PhilosoBabble, PsychicDeadness, QuoteCloset, ShortStory, Stall, TheActivist, TheSocietyOfTheUnheard, THINK, Truman, Ukraine, Vermin, Waldo, WCF, welcome, WhiteTrash
WoZu_X(16) =>
ADLB, BRADFORD, Cher, Circ, Darkness, EndOfEarth, Grading, Grumble, Huang, IBM, Incipit, isms, Misc, NoliMeTangere, OnCitation, Patek, Personal, Petty, TheActivist, Venturi, Waste, welcome, Wo, WoZu_X
WrightBowl =>
BRADFORD, Good, welcome
WU_KillingTheCats =>
KillingTheCats, welcome
BRADFORD, welcome
XDec(7) =>
Alice, BRADFORD, Cher, DissertEND, EndOfEarth, Grading, Huang, IBM, Luxe, MArch, Misc, MyFlesh, Myths, OnCitation, Personal, Petty, Scat, TakeItLikeA, welcome, Wo
XTree(n/a) =>
Yakuza =>
EndOfEarth, welcome
Z(2) =>
515, BarbedWire, EndOfEarth, OnCitation, pater, welcome, Zelensky
Zelensky(2) =>
Biden, BRADFORD, OnCitation, QuoteCloset, Ukraine, Ukraine3, welcome, Z